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2003 Nov. 12 Neal Morse Band (Testimony) Whittier
2004 Mar. 1 The Musical Box (The Lamb) Whittier
2006 May 27 Amazing Journey (WHO Tribute) Whittier
  Oct. 16 Flower Kings Whittier
2008 Jun. 27 Liquid Tension Experiment Downey
  Sep. 6 Neal Morse (2008-Downey) Downey
2009 Aug. 1 Rewiring Genesis (The Lamb)  Whittier
2010 Jan. 12 Holdsworth/Bozzio/Levin/ Mastelotto (HoBoLeMa) Whittier
  Apr. 17 Transatlantic Downey
  Jun. 22 Eddie Jobson U-Z Whittier
  Sept. 12 Spock's Beard (X Tour) Downey
2011 Feb. 25 Yellow Matter Custard Long Beach Art Theater
  May 28 Neal Morse (Testimony II) Whittier
  Oct. 18 The Musical Box (The Lamb) La Mirada Theater
2012 Jan. 14 Alan Holdsworth + MoeTar Whittier
  Jun. 2 Nick D'Virgilio / Marc Hornsby ("Shaming" by Kevin Gilbert) Shannon PAC Whittier College
  Sep. 4 Flying Colors + New World Martyr Armstrong Theater in Torrance
  Oct. 6 Neal Morse Band (Momentum) Whittier
  Nov. 28 CalProg Night with Francis Dunnery + Nima Rezai Steamers in Fullerton
  Dec 19 + 20 The Musical Box (The Lamb) Whittier
2013 Apr. 1  Steve Hackett (Genesis Revisited) La Mirada Theater
  May 7 Neal Morse + Flower Kings  La Mirada Theater
2014 Jan. 25 StickMen + The Aristocrats Whittier
  Jan. 31 Transatlantic El Segundo Perf. Arts Center
  Feb. 15 + 16  The Musical Box (Selling England "White" / Foxtrot) El Segundo Perf. Arts Center
  Sep. 28 Pain of Salvation + Vangough Whittier
  Oct. 2 Flying Colors (Second Nature Tour) + Bend Sinister Armstrong Theater in Torrance
2015 Mar. 2 Neal Morse Band (Grand Experiment) Rose Center Theater - Westminster
  Mar. 11 + 12 The Musical Box (Selling England "White" / Foxtrot) Armstrong Theater in Torrance
  Aug. 29 Spock's Beard + Enchant Shannon PAC Whittier College
  Sep. 27 Riverside Whittier
2016 Feb. 22 The Musical Box (Selling England "Black") La Mirada Theater
  Oct. 28 Terry Bozzio Whittier
  May 28 The Security Project (with Jerry Marotta & Trey Gunn)  Peter Gabriel Whittier
2017 Jan. 21 Neal Morse Band (Similitude of a Dream) Whittier
  Feb. 27 The Musical Box (Selling England "White") La Mirada Theater
2018 Feb. 12 The Musical Box (Selling England "Black") La Mirada Theater
  Mar. 30 Neal Morse Solo (Life and Times) Whittier
2019 Mar. 8 Neal Morse Band (March 8 2019) - Whittier Whittier

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Established in 2003, CalProg is an all volunteer concert promotion group dedicated to presenting the most talented musicians of our day in an intimate, comfortable, family friendly, theater environment. Our emphasis is on quality, whether it be sound, production, musicianship or the concert experience. And whenever possible we provide opportunities to interact with our performers in a way that just isn't practical in standard commercial music venues. We hope you enjoy your CalProg experience(s), whatever they may be.

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