WHY Music Man Need Spotlight

A number of years back we were on a "hard target search" to find a venue that could hold enough people for a Transatlantic show. The ones we normally use were all booked. The guy that owns one of our rehearsal studios recommended The Saigon Performing Arts Center in the "little Saigon" area of Garden Grove.

So Pam and I made a venue visit and after checking the place out we sat down with the woman responsible for renting out the theater to talk numbers. She was Vietnamese and spoke with a thick accent. It helps if you keep that in mind for the purposes of the following exchange...

Woman: So you like rent??

PJ: It's a very nice theater. Before we talk price, let's talk about the technical aspects. We will not need to use your sound system. How are you fixed for lighting?

Woman: We got plenty lights. You want spot light?

Pam: I looked at the lights, they look great for what we do. Will we have access to all the appliances I saw hanging in there?

Woman: I get you light guy. He real good! Fix you right up. You need spotlight?

Pam: We've only used a follow spot once or twice in the past. It doesn't really fit what we do.

Woman (turns to me): Spotlight VERY bright! You have music man. Music man NEED spotlight!

PJ: What's the thing with you and the spot light? Does your cousin run them or something?

Woman (emphatically): MUSIC MAN NEED SPOTLIGHT!!!