Yellow Matter Custard at the Art Theater of Long Beach

Rehearsal Photos

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Make a Wish

A 16 year old aspiring drummer named Hunter approached the make-a-wish foundation with a single request: To meet his hero, Mike Portnoy. Hunter has hodgkins disease. They contacted me and they made arrangements to fly Hunter, his parents, and a make-a-wish escort from Indiana to Long Beach to make that wish come true. During the sound check at the Yellow Matter Custard show he was able to spend 30 minutes talking to Mike and then stayed to watch the rest of the set-up for the show. They then went out to dinner and returned to watch the Beatles tribute concert. After the show I asked a clearly dazed Hunter how he liked the experience. "Awesome, it was just amazing!" If you saw a big stretch limo outside the theater, that was them. 

After rigorous treatments his disease is currently in remission. The prognosis is hopeful.


Audio Sample
     Long Beach Seating Chart

CalProg is pleased to present a very special tribute to the music of the band that influenced more lives than any other before or after... The Beatles. Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, Paul Gilbert and Kasim Sulton (Utopia) join forces to become YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD. Come join us in this musical celebration of life, love and rock and roll. The timeless melodies of Lennon and McCartney will remind you why they are widely considered to be the best tune-crafters of all time. This is a show that will appeal to your entire family, and what better way is there to spend a Friday night than singing along with a theater full of music lovers?

This show will also debut our newest venue The Art Theater of Long Beach. This warm and friendly indie movie house seats a cozy 380 people. They serve what you'd normally expect from a movie theater, but they also serve beer and wine. And YES, you can take it into the theater! Tickets are only available here at (they are not available at the theater box office).


The Art Theater of Long Beach
2025 East 4th Street
Long Beach, Ca. 90814-1001

Their Web Site