Pain of Salvation & Vangough - Sept. 28, 2014 in Whittier

 Daniel Gildenl÷w - Pain of Salvation

"The King of Loss"

Upon arrival at the Center Theater in uptown Whittier, Daniel became fascinated with the massive amount of cheesy props that had accumulated from years of community theater productions. You could see his imagination kicking into overdrive as he took stock of the inventory examining the "fine craftsmanship" and imagining how they might be worked into their set. At first the theater house manager was reluctant to let, but Daniel even TOUCH them. But in his charmingly persuasive way he shared his rapidly evolving vision of how these might be worked in to various songs, and pretty soon the manager was pulling each item that DG pointed at as they examined the "fine craftsmanship" in more detail.

One of his favorites was this set of king and queen thrones (which ultimately were not used) and as he sat down to try one out I quickly grabbed my iPhone and snapped off a few pictures. Although the quality of this picture is not the best, I still think this is an amazing shot of him.

I have long thought Daniel is a brilliant artist, and I have been trying for years to get him on a CalProg stage. His ability to blend heavy metal-ish riffs with incredibly melodic passages and dramatically delivered vocals makes him one of those rare talents who are actually creating something unique. And the rest of "the pains" were great too!

In fact, I would rate this performance in my top 5 favorite shows over the 11+ years and nearly 40 productions CalProg has done. it was a wonderful day that has been added to an already overflowing treasure chest of CalProg memories.


Photos by Randy Chaney

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