Steve Hackett Live Lineup

Steve and Nad at Night of the Prog Festival VII in Loreley, Germany, July 2012
(Photo Jaak Geebelen)

Roger King
Roger King - Keyboards
(Photo by Ben Fenner)

Roger has been a mainstay of the good ship Steve for more than a decade now, recording, programming and co-writing in the studio, and translating studio production values to his keyboard playing in live arenas across three continents. You can find his name on 12 Hackett albums and 4 DVDs, at the last count, and still no end in sight. He's twiddled knobs and hit keys for a pretty eclectic client list - making records with Gary Moore, Snoop Doggie Dog and Jamelia amongst others; programming, recording and mixing soundtracks for blockbuster movies Cliffhanger and In The Name Of The Father; writing music for TV and sharing a stage with such luminaries as Evelyn Glennie and John Paul Jones. In spare moments Roger grows vegetables on his allotment. And he's only 46. It takes all sorts.

Gary O'Toole
Gary O'Toole - Drums
(Photo by Ben Fenner)

Drummer, singer, guitarist, teacher... veritable polymath, in fact - Gary has been a top professional drummer for more than thirty years. In addition to worldwide live appearances with Bucks Fizz, China Crisis, and blues maestro Stephen Dale Petit he has a studio CV as long as your arm, drumming for top producers Marius De Vries and Richard Niles, and for a staggeringly diverse range of artists from Mel C to Kylie Minogue to Chrissie Hynde. Not content to keep all this talent to himself, he's also found time to set up his own music school, teaching Steve Sidelynk (Madonna) and Coldplay's Will Champion, to name but two. Gary has been a fixture in the Steve Hackett Band since 2000, underpinning countless gigs from Stockholm to Santiago (including the DVDs Somewhere In South America and Once Above A Time). He also caressed, cajoled and battered drums on, and lent his inimitable vocal talents to, the studio albums To Watch The Storms and Wild Orchids. You can read what Gary says about himself at Some of it may even be true...

Rob Townsend Rob Townsend - sax, flute and blown sundries
(Photo by Angela Townsend)

Despite a propensity for hitting things in a broadly rhythmic fashion, Rob Townsend started playing the sax when he got fed up with carting drums around and has never looked back. He's played nearly everywhere with nearly everybody, but he's particularly made his mark in jazz, having worked with, amongst others, Sam Rivers, Eddie Henderson, Bill Bruford, Django Bates, Tim Garland, Laurence Cottle and James Taylor of JTQ fame as well as on film sessions for oscar winning composer Stephen Warbeck. Rob also writes and records reams of music for TV, film, computer games and other media. You can read more about these activities, and gain some insight into his peculiar sense of humour at Rob joined Steve's band in 2001 deploying his barrage of woodwind (not forgetting castanets) on 2372 gigs (actually it's probably fewer than that but we lost count after 70) as well as the Somewhere In South America and Once Above A Time DVDs. His unique talents also grace To Watch The Storms and Wild Orchids. We're not completely impartial, of course, but we rate Rob's sax solo on Serpentine Song as one of the very finest. Ever. As a hobby, Rob collects dust. When not doing some or all of the above, he lives in an iron lung near Watford surrounded by admiring wolves.

Lee Pomeroy - bass and Chapman Stick

Lee Pomeroy is an award winning composer and producer. He is also one of the UK's most sought after bass players. Alongside writing partner Martin Price, Lee has composed music which can regularly be heard on television and other media. Lee Pomeroy has also toured and performed around the world with a diverse roster of high profile artists. Lee is the regular touring bass player with the hugely successful Take That as well as with Rick Wakeman and It Bites.

He is also a member of the progressive rock band Headspace who provided support for Ozzy Osbourne on his 2007 UK tour.

Lee joined Steve Hackett's electric band in 2010 for the Japan tour, and will be returning as bass player for the UK tour in February 2012.

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Nad Sylvan - Vocals

Nad sings and writes for the band Agents of Mercy. Before that his band "Unifaun" created unique progressive rock in a style not dissimalar to early Genesis. His voice has been described as a cross between Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins which of course is a perfect fit for this group.