Steve Hackett Fan Reviews

I received a number of emails from people after the show, and I think it is interesting to share what people had to say in their own unsolicited words, both good and bad. Their names are omitted to preserve anonymity. Some of the comments were also taken from the Progressive Ears message board. - PJ

Photos on this page were taken by Dave Leece.

Hello Jim:
Just wanted to say Thank You So Much for putting the Steve Hackett show 
together on Monday night. It was great! I really enjoyed hearing my favorite music performed live and attending the meet and greet after the show.
It was so exciting to meet Steve Hackett and that fantastic band!

Dear Mr. Harrel,

I was there last night and I'm still euphoric. Thank you for booking the band and this tour in particular. I'm 52 and didn't have the opportunity to see Genesis pre-And-Then-There-Were-Three, which basically means I never bothered at all. This was my first time seeing these great songs performed other than video, and it was an event to remember. 

I'd go again tomorrow, in a heartbeat.

Which brings me to a question... is there any chance this tour or an identical follow-on will come around again? I see nothing's scheduled, but I've also heard that it's selling out good sized halls and getting rave reviews. 

Unfortunately, my 18 year old daughter was out of town on a school activity and couldn't make it. She loves the old prog - Yes, Gentle Giant, King Crimson and of course Genesis. When she heard she was likely to miss performances of Supper's Ready, Musical Box, etc, she almost cried. She went with me to the last three Yes shows in the area and is going to Carl Palmer's ELP legacy. I think, though, that missing this one really hurt.

Please, please, please try to convince Mr. Hackett to come through again. I'd bet all the same people would fill a venue like last night's, and then some.

Hi Jim,

Can't believe what a show we experienced.... maybe the last great Genesis show we get the chance to experience ever again. You had the brains to put something like this into reality and can't thank you enough, it's a once in a lifetime chance to take part in the history of what we all grew up listening to and living in our little world of music.

The show for me will be long held to one of my highlights of my long concert list since I was a young lad. By the sound of the LA reaction, I'm not alone in feeling that.

Hi Jim,

What a great show last night! It was a shame that Nad had throat issues 
(2 concerts in a row for me-- Roger Daltrey also had a cold during 

I hope you'll be able to bring Steve out here again in the future...

Just wondering if there was (or will ever be) an opportunity to bring 
Renaissance out here. I realize they were mainly popular in the 
northeast (I'm from NYC), but I think your audience would love them (so 
sad that Dunford passed away just after they completed a new record).

Thanks again for keeping progressive rock alive in the area. It makes me 
feel a lot better about living in La Habra!

Thanks for the great ticket! Absolutely loved the Steve Hackett show. Had seen him long ago at The Strand in Redondo Beach. He is fabulous.

I am an avid Genesis fan. Saw Peter Gabriel (again!) not too long ago at Hollywood Bowl doing “Us: forward and back”.

Other favorite bands include Rush, ELP, IQ, Pendragon and especially Marillion. Do you have suggestions of others I should listen to?

Please keep me posted about upcoming shows. I just discovered Cal Prog, and know you are well-respected by many who appreciate progressive rock!

Hi Jim,

I have to thank you for making last night's concert possible at La Mirada. Steve Hackett said he was speechless when he came back for the encore. I felt the same. I was thinking maybe the second encore was an added tribute to the crowd, which seemed so appreciative and enthusiastic. 

There so many songs I never would expect to hear performed live again, and there was one which never thought would be performed live ever...that being Unquiet Slumbers for Sleepers. Oh, it would be great to hear Tony Banks playing on this and the other songs, but Roger was wonderful on keyboards, as were all the other musicians.

It was clear that those around me felt the same, or their own version of the same. I say that because I think we each experience this introspective music in our own way.

What a fantastic show - thank you so much Jim and Staff. This was a night I will remember and treasure for years. It just maybe the last time I get to hear Supper's Ready by a Genesis band member in my lifetime. 

There have been some great CalProg events over the years. This and Transatlantic are my favorites!. Oh and UK was very close. The CalProg festival are also wonderful....I sure hope another one is in our future!

Hello PappaJ,

Just a short note. You don't know me but I was one of the many happy people in La Mirada last night enjoying the show. I had to drag my GF to the show and she ended up having a great time and really enjoyed herself.

Thank you for all of your efforts as well as all of the others who had a hand in getting Mr. Hackett to come to Southern California. The show was fantastic, the band was tight and looked like they were really enjoying themselves up on stage. 
For myself, I liked all of it, but if I had to pick a highlight it would be Firth of Fifth.
At many shows I attend I write down the set list. Here is what I came up with for last night's show.

Eleventh Earl of Mar
Chamber of 32 Doors
Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
Fly on a Windshield
Cuckoo Cocoon
Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats
Fifth of Firth
Blood on the Rooftops
Wot Gorilla
I Know What I Like
Dance on a Volcano
Musical Box
Supper’s Ready
Los Endos
Watcher of the Skies

THANK YOU for last night. That was an absolute ball. Some real magic happened, and it was a great thing to be a part of. 

Just Delicious

Jim, thank you again for the VIP pass tonight. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I also wanted to tell you how much I liked your speech, when you told the crowd that if they weren't familiar with the Flower Kings or Neal Morse, they should check them out. As much as I enjoyed the concert tonight, I am always somewhat torn with these kind of shows. Though I love the music, the performances and the nostalgia, I also REALLY like hearing newer music. Steve and the band did a great job, but I did find myself wondering from time to time, if I would have possibly enjoyed a regular Steve Hackett show as much if not more. I have seen Steve before and he always puts on a great show. Genesis is my favorite band ever and I love their music, but I am also a prog fan who doesn't live in the past. That is why I thought your comment was great. Regrettably, there are people out there who think that prog died 30 years ago and as we both know, that is absolutely untrue. Hopefully a few of those folks in attendance take you up on your advice. I am very excited about the Flower Kings/Neal Morse show next month. That concert is going to be outstanding. 

Meeting Steve Hackett tonight was really special to me and I thank you for that. The years of musical memories that guy has brought to me is astounding. I am also a fan of many of his band members, so it was awesome meeting them as well. Another fantastic and memorable Calprog night.

As always Jim, kudos to you. The round of applause that you got tonight was extremely well deserved. Speaking of someone who is responsible for so many of my great musical memories. Your ten years of hard work and dedication to prog in CA has certainly enriched my life and many others as well. The Calprog shows are not only always great, but they are always impeccably organized and run so well. My most sincere thanks to you and the entire Calprog crew. You all have very much to be proud of. 

Thanks again Jim. I'll see you next month for the Neal Morse/ Flower Kings show. 

Just got home from the gig. As expected, a spectacular set, with an over 2 1/2 hour show. All musicians sounded great, but the stand-outs were drummer/vocalist Gary O'Toole and Hackett himself who played superbly. Nad Sylvan pulled off Gabriel and Collins fairly well but couldn't reach the high notes of either. The sold-out crowd was very enthusiastic and loved every moment, with many standing ovations after songs. I can't remember every set list song, or exact order, but what was presented was IMO the cream of the crop of essential songs from the prog-Genesis catalog. They included Eleventh Earl Of Mar, Chamber of 32 Doors, Broadway Melody of 1974, Entangled, Dancing With The Moonlit Knight, Firth of Fifth, I Know What I Like, Dance On A Volcano, Musical Box, A Medley that included segments from three Hackett solo songs, which merged into Los Endos, In that Quiet Earth.../Afterglow, Blood On The Rooftops, Supper's Ready, Watcher Of The Skies. Is there any I missed? Anyway a 'frick'n' great experience seeing those timeless songs come alive once more. Thanks Papa J for bringing Steve and his fantastic tour to Southern California.

It was a bucket list setlist for those of us not old enough to go to concerts before 1978! No Invisible Touch, No Misunderstanding! No Illegal Alien!!!! It was the first time I have ever listened to Supper's Ready live (in its entirety---I think the '82 Abacab tour had a small portion hidden in a medley) and it made me feel like the 17-year old fanboy I was back in the early 80s. I also realize it is probably the last time I will ever get to see any of those classics played live by members of the actual group. That made it extraordinarily bittersweet. As for the concert experience itself, I think it felt like a slowburn that really picked up steam in the last third of the show. Not a big fan of Nad Sylvan, but I think his vocals fit better when he sang the Collins-led material. Gary O'Toole was phenomenal--kinda of wish he took lead vocal more often. 

Thank you Steve Hackett, you made the 3.5 hour round trip from San Diego well worth driving on a Monday night.

oh yeah... and thank you Papa J!!!