Spiraling at Steamers Cafe
Wednesday  January 18, 2006

These pictures were taken by Brian Pate.

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SP_band1.jpg (368193 bytes)
Marty, Tom, Bob
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Marty, Tom
SP_Band3.jpg (307326 bytes)
Dazed Onlooker
SP_crowd.jpg (282543 bytes)
The Crowd
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SP_Paul.jpg (371698 bytes)
SP_Tom.jpg (335600 bytes)
Tom Singing
TomPiano2.jpg (267829 bytes)
Tom at The Grand
Audio Surprise

A few comments by attendees on the CalProg Mailing List:

First I'd like to thank everyone who came out on a weeknight to see
this amazing group play. These continued great turnouts just cementsthe continuation of the CalProg nights series.

What can you say about this 4 man burst of energy other than WOW! They (almost) make me feel young again. Having 2 full sets to fill, we were treated to virtually every song in their catalog, including a hopped up version of the Cars' Bye Bye Love. The audience response was extremely warm and you could tell everyone was enjoying it by the uniform head bopping in the house. Tom was wilder than ever, jumping all around and nearly tossing his mini-keys overboard on a couple of occasions. With this being a jazz club and all, it comes equipped with a great sounding mini-grand piano, which he played on a few occasions. OK, we all just knew he had to be great on the piano, but come on. That guy is an amazing talent!

Paul (drums) was ON all night, and seemed to really enjoy the sets. He was working hard back there. Marty (guitar) while seeming subdued compared to the rest of the band, was all smiles and flawless on guitar. *Side note* All three of my daughters were there for the first set (school night). My 21 year old was there with a few of her college buddies, who BTW were all surprised at how much they liked the show. Anyways, she called me over to their table after the set and asked me "Dad, is the cute one single?" I honestly didn't know which one she was talking about. Turns out it was Marty. But her girlfriend thought Tom was the cute one. These girls... all they think about is boys. But I digress. ;-) I don't want to leave out Bob on bass. He is an anchor for these guys. He was there for every note, and with a big grin on his face.

And for those of us who made it all the way to the end, we were treated to a truly AWESOME rendition of the old ELP show finale: The Nut Rocker. And yes... our proverbial nuts were rocked!

All in all, it was a very fun night. If you missed it and would like to see them, they are appearing tonight (Thursday) in San Diego, and Friday night in Hollywood. For details visit their website:


I intend on going to the Hotel Cafe show, regardless of the fact that they play at MIDNIGHT.  Holy cow, I have work at 5am, too, so my sleep will be very minimal that night.  Last night's show was nothing short of fantastic
though, and I can't see it being topped by their Hollywood show.  Thanks Jim and gang.  Jim, I saw that your head was bobbin' the whole night through =) .   I had the Penguins hat and Blind Guardian shirt.


Great Show they put on last night.  It was good to hear so much of their new CD too.  Some very terrific new sounds.  Great Show guys and hope to see you out this way again.

Thanks to PJ and staff and to Steamers for giving us a great show.


Thanks for putting on the great show.  I attended with my 19 year old step-daughter that goes to CSUF and her two roommates.  Like your
daughters, they had a great time, and on the way home couldn't stop talking about the cute guitar player!  I thought the show was fantastic and I don't know how we ended up with such great stage front seats!  I guess SoCalers now how to treat out of town guests.

Gonna try to make the Portnoy show in May. Maybe I can finnagle it as a b-day present (5/22). 

Thanks again.



Wednesday night was such a treat!  Max, my eleven-year-old son & I got to experience his first live musical performance together & what
a band to be his first!  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, even though it made for a long night.  WELL worth it though....

Nice to see a large turn-out on a work/school night.  These four guys really complement one another & put on a fun show.  I know my
head, for one, was bopping to the beat.

At the break, Max had the band members sign his Spiraling t-shirt & took a couple of pictures with the guys.  He wants to blow up the picture & put it on his wall....very cool indeed!

Jim, thanks for your continued efforts in bringing shows like this to fruition.  Max & I had a blast & your efforts are appreciated.

Monica :)