Sound Samples

----------------------------------- CalProg 2009 Performers -------------------------------------

CalProg09 CD

CalProg 2009 RadioAd

It Bites Audio Sample 

Karmakanic Audio Sample

Touchstone Audio Sample

Agents of Mercy Audio Sample

Tom Brislin Solo Audio Sample

----------------------------------- CalProg 2008 Performers -------------------------------------

CalProg08 CD - Audio Sample (11MB MP3)

Echolyn Audio Promo (8MB MP3)

Sylvan Audio Promo (9MB MP3)

IZZ Audio Promo (11MB MP3)

Presto Ballet  Audio Promo (10MB MP3)

----------------------------------------- Neal Morse Special -------------------------------------------

Neal Morse Live at the Downey Theater - Sample (8MB MP3)

A Retrospective in Song: Neal w/Spock's Beard (6min MP3)

 ----------------------------------- CalProg 2007 Performers -------------------------------------

CalProg 2007 CD - Samples (10MB MP3)

Jordan Rudess Prog Medley Teaser

Rudess/Morgenstein Audio Excerpts (6MB MP3)

Rudess/Morgenstein Official Live - Crossing Over (10MB MP3) 

Spiraling Audio Excerpts (7MB MP3)

Frogg Cafe Audio   (6.5MB MP3)

Puppet Show Audio Excerpts (8MB MP3)

New Flower Kings Music Montage (8 min)
(Posted August 2006 - 10MB MP3)
Excerpts from the new CD Paradox Hotel
(7.5MB MP3)

We are pleased to announce that Tom Brislin and Spiraling have generously given permission for CalProg to issue a limited edition CD of their performance this past January at Steamers Jazz Club in Fullerton California . This will be available exclusively at the CalProg merchandise table at CalProg. Please visit the Sound Samples page on the website to get a taste of what this recording contains. Clocking in at just under an hour, there are 11 songs on the CD. Spiraling fans are sure to love it.

Spiraling Live at Steamers
(5MB MP3) - Samples (out of print)

Rocket Scientists
Aqua Vitae (Oblivion Days album) 4MB MP3 Avalon (Earthbound album) 4MB MP3
Wake Me Up (live version from Japan) 6MB MP3 Sky is Falling (new Revolution Road album) 6MB MP3

Helmet of Gnats Sample (MP3)

Cryptic Vision Sample (MP3)

Kino Sample (MP3)

Nima & Merge (pre-party show) Sample (MP3)

Spiraling at Steamers - The Nut Rocker (complete song MP3)

Flower Kings Sample (MP3)

Bubblemath - Such Fine Particles of the Universe - Be Together (complete song MP3)

Bubblemath Sample (MP3)

IZZ - I Move - I Wanna Win (complete song MP3)

IZZ Sample (MP3)

Spiraling - A Face For Radio (complete song MP3)

Spiraling -Transmitter - The Connection (complete song MP3)

Spiraling - Excerpts from EP (MP3)

Tiles Montage.mp3

Listen/Download Radio Ad (2:38 /3.5MB ) 

From the CalProg04 LIVE CD

Sounds/CalProg - Sample - Erik - Court.mp3

Sounds/CalProg - Sample - Izz - Cage.mp3

Sounds/CalProg - Sample - Izz - Wait of It All.mp3

Sounds/CalProg - Sample - Neal - Bridge.mp3

Sounds/CalProg - Sample - Neal - It's Not Too Late.mp3


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