Outdoor Stage

In the community Center complex there is a patio just outside the park-side entrance to the theater. It is adjacent to the main indoor vendor area ( a huge aerobics room).  In the patio there will be numerous tables and chairs for relaxing, eating and chatting between acts. We will also set up a stage at one end and during the dinner break there will be a rare "unplugged" performance sponsored by ProgRock Records.



Saga vocalist/keyboardist and Progrock Records solo artist Michael Sadler will be joined by Henning Pauly and Matt Cash of Chain and guitarist LINO to perform a live acoustic set of music on the outdoor stage during the dinner break that will include tracks from Michaels recent solo album, Saga songs, Chain songs and a variety of classic prog songs.



Michael Sadler and Friends on the patio stage at CalProg 2005
The patio during dinner break

Also - Almase Arabesque

In case you were thinking there isn't enough culture at CalProg, my dear friend Michelle (aka Nocturra) and her partner will be giving a couple of short demonstrations of the ancient art of Belly Dancing. They are known for their use of swords during their performances so don't get too close!