CalProg Food Concession

can of Coke

CalProg serves food on site as a service to concert goers, not as a profit generating enterprise, and with that in mind we do our best to keep prices low while providing friendly service. The food concession is staffed with family members and volunteers, headed by Kathy Harrel. Despite the urgings of the CalProg staff and her husband she insists on keeping prices WAY lower than anything you'll find at ANY concert venue. If you appreciate the service, please let them know.

Since CalProg has grown so much over the last 3 years many are suggesting that we turn this over to the pros and maybe have vending trucks or local restaurants set up booths to offer more choices, even if the prices are higher. Maybe we will do that next year. We welcome your input on the subject!

The lead guitar player in the band I've played in for over 20 years happens to be the owner of the "Locally World Famous" CARNEYS. Anyone who has driven down Sunset strip has seen the Carney's railroad car. In my humble opinion, they serve the best hot dogs in SoCal! They will be supplying the dogs for CalProg's lunch. 

Dinner is pizza from PapaJohns. There will be signup sheets at the concession window for pizza. If you are interested in a slice(s) for dinner please stop by and put an X by the kind you would like. This will help us order the appropriate amount. You of course should have plenty of time during the dinner break to go "off campus" and have dinner at one of the great eateries in the uptown Whittier area, but don't miss Tom Brislin's solo set on the patio during the dinner break..

Lastly (yes this has to be the LONGEST explanation of food options ever written) you are certainly welcome to bring a cooler with your own favorite stuff. I would recommend keeping that in the trunk of your car as there is no place really for us to store 400 coolers at the venue. There is no alcohol allowed on the premises since this is CITY property, so don't bring anything that is easily identifiable as alcoholic into the eating area. No food or drinks are allowed in the main theater (with the possible exception of water bottles).

Here are the selections and prices (subject to change) planned for CalProg:

Hot Dog $2.50
Slice of Pizza $2.50
Bag of Chips $.50
Can of Soda $1.00
Bottle of Water $1.00
Orange/Apple/Banana $.50