CalProg 2008 Performer

(Hamburg, Germany)


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Audio Sample   
Contains Experpts from the following CDs/Songs---> 
00:00 Artificial Paradise - Strange Emotion    
01:11 Posthumous Silence - In Chains 
01:45 X-Rayed - So Easy
02:26 Presets - One Step Beyond
03:40 Presets - For One Day
04:20 Presets - Former Life
05:37 Artificial Paradise - That's Why It hurts
06:42 Artificial Paradise - Around the World

CalProg is pleased to announce that the Hamburg Germany based prog band Sylvan is confirmed to appear at CalProg 2008 on October 11 in Whittier , California . This is an especially exciting selection for me as they have been one of my favorite new bands since 2002 when their delightful album Artificial Paradise caught my attention, with its impressively expressive and melodic vocals, catchy hooks, and well crafted songs.

For years they played gigs and worked on developing what would become their trademark sound. In October 2002, Sylvan released "Artificial Paradise", their third album, and emerged as a fully matured writing and performing group. Artificial Paradise garnered both popular and critical acclaim and marked the beginning of a string of powerful albums that include X-Rayed (2004), Posthumous Silence (2006), and Presets (2007). They are currently working hard to complete a live DVD with an expected release date sometime in the spring of 2008.

From the beginning Sylvan’s founders committed themselves to strongly emotional melodies and opulent compositions much like the sources of their artistic inspiration: Marillion, Genesis, Queen and Pink Floyd. At times brooding and moody, and other times uplifting and light hearted, this band understands the power of music to drive emotions, and of lyrics to explore the depths of the human experience.  

We are very pleased to add them to the impressive list of artists that are part of the CalProg family!