CalProg 2008 Performer


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CalProg is pleased to announce that the 4th and final band appearing on the main stage this year is the high-octane, hard-rocking Seattle based Presto Ballet. The brainchild of Metal Church’s lead guitar player Kurdt Vanderhoof, this energetic quintet is choc full of crunchy guitar, percussive B3 organ and melodic vocals. I think CalProg staffer Todd summed it up pretty well when he commented on a sample from their upcoming CD: “Just the right touch of "metal" without being cartoonish or over bloated.” Speaking of which…  their long awaited 2nd CD entitled “The Lost Art of Time Travel” has just been released! You can buy it on-line HERE.

We really are looking to Presto Ballet to get CalProg off to a blistering start with their high-powered rock, in a year when the musical diversity of the line-up will long be discussed in prog circles.