CalProg 2007 – Press Release

 Saturday May 19, 2007 in Whittier , California

The Rudess/Morgenstein Project
Frogg Café
Puppet Show

(Dinner Break Patio Performer: To Be Announced)

Tickets on Sale : Saturday February 24 @ 8am PST – All Seats Reserved
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We are very proud to present the 4th annual progressive rock festival CalProg 2007. Each year we strive to showcase the very best in modern prog, drawing from the diverse sub-classifications that exist in this genre of music. The festival runs for 12 hours and is presented in a comfortable family friendly traditional theater where all seats are reserved. One of our top priorities is superior sound quality so we use the finest state of the art pro-audio equipment for your enjoyment. In addition, CalProg offers a unique opportunity to interact with the performers in our large Vendor area and dining patio. As returning CalProggers will attest, this is an all encompassing total musical immersion marathon.

Our headliners this year represent the very finest in musicianship working today. This rare concert appearance will provide an opportunity to experience these two virtuosos in an intimate concert setting. Jordan Rudess (keyboards for Dream Theater) is known for his versatility at both playing and composing. He is adept at everything from emotionally charged orchestrations (see Dream Theater, 6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence opening), to blistering shredding, as demonstrated going note for note with DT’s renowned guitarist John Petrucci. Rod Morgenstein while perhaps best known for his 30+ years of drumming with the esteemed “Dixie Dregs”, has appeared recently on Jordan ’s “Rhythm of Time” solo CD as well as being the drummer for Jelly Jam, Platypus and Winger. His list of album credits reads like a who’s who of the music industry.

 When asked about what we can expect to hear from them, Rod replied, “An RPM concert includes a mix of stuff from the RPM studio CD, Jordan 's Rhythm of Time CD, solo keyboard extravaganzas, drum solos, and jam improvisations.” 

This New York based band marks the first “prog/jazz/jam” band to perform at CalProg. They have 2 highly acclaimed studio albums and plan to release a live album in the very near future. But their recorded works don’t begin to do justice to their real strength, live performances! Marked by their instrument versatility you will see many members switching instruments and the incorporation of brass and strings into the symphonic mix. If you are not familiar with the Froggies, prepare to add a new entry to you favorite bands list!

New Jersey based CalProg alums (CP05) are making a return appearance by popular demand. This young, energetic group takes a prog base rich with synths and snappy guitar work, and infuses it with power-pop sensibilities. The result is a catchy and uplifting sound with more hooks than a tackle box. Keyboardist and primary writer Tom Brislin has very impressive prog credentials, having been the touring ivoryologist with bands like YES (the symphonic tour… that’s him on the DVD!), Camel and even Meatloaf. But you haven’t lived until you’ve seen him do “the Briz Shuffle” live. Even your non-prog friends and loved ones will love this band.

No, not the act that upstaged Spinal Tap, this is the real deal from Northern California . Bursting back on the prog scene with a new CD (to be released next month) and performances at both CalProg and ROSfest, 2007 promises to be a big year for Puppet Show and their fans. Stylistically they are along the lines of the classic prog acts of the ‘70s, to my ears a direct descendant from Genesis. These guys will remind you why you got into progressive rock to begin with.