Special Event

An Evening With Neal Morse and his Band

Saturday September 6, 2008 Ė 8:00pm

The Downey Theater in Downey, California  
Sound Sample (9min Mp3)

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(All Ages/All Seats Reserved)

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Neal Morse is one of my PROG heroes. In fact, I'd say that his work with Spock's Beard was an essential force fueling my emersion in the new wave of progressive rock. Over the years he has been one of the most prolific artists in the genre, including his work with Spockís Beard, Transatlantic, and now his solo career. But not only is he a gifted writer and musician, heís one of the few artists performing today that has genuine charisma.


From the very first time I saw him with Spockís Beard (opening for Dream Theater) I was instantly drawn in by his warmth, wit and charm. He exudes an almost childlike delight with the music he plays, and that can be quite infectious. You canít help but be energized by his stage presence.


So it is with great excitement that CalProg welcomes Neal back to Southern California with a full prog band to perform a night of music spanning his entire career.  The last time he played here was the Testimony Tour in 2003, and if you were at that show you know just the kind of magic that Iím talking about. Whether you agree with the spiritual message of his solo works or not, thereís no denying that an evening of Neal Morse music is an evening of fun and exhilaration.


Jim @ CalProg


A Retrospective in Song: Neal w/Spock's Beard (6min MP3)

Neal's Official Website