Saturday Feb 25th


Progressive Rock Night


5874 Edinger Avenue
Huntington Beach , CA 92649

(714) 840-2129




 PRYMARY is a Progressive Rock/Metal band from Southern California and was fully realized in 2000 with the ideals of having complete musical freedom. This has given the band a distinct chameleon quality allowing them to seamlessly fit in with acts from all genres. The sound created is a mesh of melodic prog metal/rock with an emphasis on musicianship, melody, and complex rhythms. The band has never been content to sit around and wait for things to happen and has always taken steps to further the bands momentum.




Forever Twelve is a five-piece progressive rock band from Los Angeles , California . Their symphonic sound includes female lead vocals, vintage keyboards, both electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, and complex drums and percussion. The songs on both "Remembrance Branch" and "Spark of Light" range from intense rocking to gentle interludes, feature lots of time signature changes, and have several extended instrumental sections. Their original songs show influences by Genesis, Yes, Camel, and Rush, among others.

Band Members:
      Steve Barberic Keyboards
      Cat Ellen Vocals and Flute
      Tom Graham Guitars, Keyboards, Backup Vocals
      Kenny Hundt Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Backup Vocals
      Fernando Martinez Drums and Percussion

$5 cover charge, $10 food or drink mininum.

Extensive menu: Come early and enjoy dinner

21 yrs and over