From The Vault (Vol01) - An Authorized Bootleg 

Over the past year I have gone back to the source audio and remixed all the performances since we first started recording in 32 track digital.  I discovered some real jems that didn't make in onto the Boot for their year. I then contacted the artists for permission to use these recordings on a new CD and they once again graciously agreed. Please listen to the extended Audio Sample (below) before making your purchase, and as always, thanks for your support!   -   PapaJ

The packaging is bare-bones and consists of a slim-line jewel case and a single page insert that contains the CD Title and Track Listing only. We advise you to listen to the samples on this page before making a purchase. All proceeds go to CalProg. Please allow up to 14 days for shipping. Ships immediately.

Audio Sample (10min / 12MB mp3)

CalProg Vault CD -  (US) $10.00 + $2.50 S&H (NON-US) $5.00 S&H