District 97

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If you were to tell me that CalProg would one day have a band on stage that included an American Idol finalist and a world class cellist I wouldn't have believed it. That was until I heard the incredibly talented Chicago based band District 97. From the very first time I heard these guys I knew I had found something very new and exciting and undeniably progressive in the literal sense of the word. Their sound combines searing and aggressive instrumental passages with the jaw-dropping cello licks of Chicago Symphony Orchestra virtuoso Katinka Kleijn and the contemporary vocal interpretations of Leslie Hunt to create a style that defies categorization.

If our festival provides any kind of service to further the art of music, it is at its best introducing bands like District 97 to the prog public. We encourage you to listen to the sound samples posted here and to buy their CD before attending the festival as preparation to having your senses assaulted in the best possible way. Young, energetic and accomplished musicians like this are sure to electrify the CalProg audience, and become part of our tradition of bringing the best prog has to offer to our intimate theater.

If progressive rock is to survive it will have to adapt and appeal to a new generation of musicians and fans. With District 97 it is in very good hands.




Hybrid Child is set for worldwide release on September 14th from Laser's Edge Records