CalProg 2009 Performer



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It is rare that I “discover” a band from a live performance. That is due in part to the fact that I’m a confessed prog snob and don’t go out to shows very often (how many prog shows ARE there?) and also because I typically don’t go to shows where I don’t already know the artist. But in May of this year I went to ROSfest (just outside Philadelphia ) and got to see a number of bands that I was unfamiliar with. UK based Touchstone was the first band on Sunday. And I might have slept through their set (I’m not an early riser) except that on the previous day John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost, Kino) had told me to be sure I caught their set, that they had recorded their latest CD in his studio and that they were “red hot”.

So I dragged my lazy “you know what” to the venue and I’m awfully glad I did. They were without a doubt the biggest surprise of the festival for me (and many others). They lit up the stage with an excitement and enthusiasm that was exhilarating right from the start. I always LOVE when a band is having a genuine blast playing, it is very infectious. Their “symphonic” brand of prog was stunning, from the rich vocal harmonies to the guitar and synth laden grooves. Their singer (Kim Seviour) not only had a great voice but was extremely charismatic and the crowd responded enthusiastically with no less than 5 standing ovations during the set.

As their performance progressed, one inescapable thought kept resonating in my head; “These guys would be perfect for CalProg!” That afternoon I started discussions with “Moo” (Andre Moorghen, the bass player) about whether or not we could make that happen. And today it is with great pleasure that we can announce: Touchstone will be performing at CalProg 2009 on October 10 in Whittier , California . I am looking forward to seeing them perform again with eager anticipation and can’t wait to see the reaction of the CalProg audience as they are welcomed to the distinguished family of artists that have graced the festival stage.