CalProg 2009 Performers


It's the Nomadic Pack of Proggin' Swedes 
(and the one dude)

Two men - One vision - One big wall of sound 
Everything is possible...

Jonas Reingold & Roine Stolt of the Flower Kings join forces with a stellar lineup for CalProg 2009:

Göran Edman - Vocal ( Yngvie Malmsteen )
Nad Sylvan - Vocal & Keyboards (Unifaun)
Roine Stolt - Guitars,Vocal & Keyboards ( Flower Kings&Transatlantic)
Lalle Larsson - Keyboards
Jonas Reingold - Bass (Flower Kings)
Nick D'Virgilio - Drums & Vocals ( Spocks Beard, Tears For Fears )

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Karmakanic in Philadelphia

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Roine and Nad Nick DiVirgilio - Drums,vocals
Jonas Reingold - Bass,vocal
Lalle Larsson - Keyboards
Roine Stolt - Guitars & Keyboards
Nad Sylvan - Vocal & Keyboards
Göran Edman - Vocal
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