Sound and backline provided by Auntie-M Creative Consultants, the best there is!

CalProg 2009 Backline List

IB=It Bites, KA=Karmamkanic & Agents of Mercy, TS=Touchstone, Bris=Tom Brislin
1 x Roland A90 keyboard (88-note Piano weighted) - with VE-RD1 expansion board fitted & working and working RAM card slot IB & KA
1 x Roland XP-50 keyboard- with working floppy disk drive. IB
1 x Yamaha EX-5 keyboard - with working floppy disk drive (we could possibly use a Yamaha Motif instead, but this will require some set-up time before the gig)  IB
*** 88 keys midipiano Yamaha P250  KA
*** 1 midi keyboard (controller, any brand) KA
*** 1 x Keyboard stand - 2 Tier  IB/KA
3 x piano style sustain pedals compatible with the above keyboards IB
1 x Akai S3000XL rack mounted Sampler - with working Floppy disk drive AND SCSI 100MB ZIP drive IB
1 x keyboard mixing desk, 8 channels IB & KA
Kawai MP-8 II (pref) or Yamaha CP300 digital piano with sustain pedal (For patio) Bris
Minimoog ( or minimoog voyager ) KA
Fender Rhodes piano    KA
Roland D -50 synth KA
2 x MIDI cables, 3 meter  IB
8 x jack to jack cables, 3 meters IB
2 x keyboard stands - X style IB
1 x Drum Stool  IB
1 x Ultimate V-Stand (1 tier) TS, Bris
Additional Drum Throne for patio Bris
1 x headphone amp on the list (unless I missed it) - we'll need one for Bob to hear the click track that is fed from the Keyboard setup. IB
Korg A3 IB
Marshall JMP 1 preamp IB
2 x Midi foot controller and midi lead IB
Valvestate 80/80 poweramp or equivalent IB
Marshall 1960 Lead cabinet IB
2 guitars EITHER Strats or Strat type guitars Cort/Fernandez (bridge humbucker and no floating trem please) IB
Fender Twin- Vibrolux  or Supereverb KA
Mesa Boogie "Rectifier " or "Lonestar" (4x12) KA
spare guitar - Fender Telecaster KA
Ampeg SVT VR Amp w/ 8x10 Cab. ALL
Moog Taurus 1 Bass Pedals (or Roland) IB, TS
Musicman Bongo 5 string and a fretless Bongo 5 string TS
DRUMS (Not Pearl) ALL
10,12,14,16 Tom Toms
22" Bass Drum
14 x 6 1/2 snare metal
14 x 5 1/2 snare wood
Tama 1st Chair Throne, tractor seat style
SABIAN Cymbals Only
16,16,18 crash cymbals
20" Ride cymbal
18 china cymbal
13" HiHat cymbals
8" splash
All hardware for drums including 3boom & 2straight cymbal stands, hi hat, bass drum pedal, snare drum stand and stool.
Patio PA  
1 "set and forget" small PA for electric piano and 1 vocalist. 1 Mic with boom stand Bris
*** 3 x 240v (UK) Power Supply ALL
4 x Guitar Stands ALL
Boss foot/floor tuner  IB
Jim Dunlop Jazz 3 red plectrums  IB
2 boss digital delay pedals  IB
boss chorus pedal IB
Mesa/Boogie bass rig for Paul Moorghen of Touchstone
  BASS 4x12 cab
  MPulse 600 bass amp
 A Hughes and Kettner - 50 or 100w Switchblade combo with foot switch for Adam Hodgson of Touchstone
Kurzweil PC3 for Rob Cottingham of Touchstone They will deliver to hotel